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Spa Smart Montreal Couple massage

Spa Smart Montreal

Mobile spa services in Greater Montreal area, Montreal, H2Y 4A3

Spa Smart Montreal offers a la cart spa menu, suitably organized spa packages and programs, “kids spa menu”, spa parties and corporate services. Mobile Spa (services to be done at the location of your choice) and On-line Spa Coaching (do it yourself, with guided instructions) are also available. Our main goal is to improve personal health and well being by providing the highest level of experience, quality, hygiene, convenience and spa health and benefits education. Spa-Smart is incorporated in Canada by a group of spa, fitness, nutrition, and travel professionals, who truly believe in the benefits of hydrotherapy, cleansing, massage therapies and body works. We use them as therapeutic tools to deliver to you overall health, weight loss, slimming, anti – age, anti – cellulite, get rid of stress and other, more specific, procedures. We pride ourselves in the distinction incorporated in our vision, corporate culture, in our services menu, in our approach to various aspects of spa culture. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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