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MiTime Home Day Spa

22 Twin Willow Crescent, Brampton, L7A 1K1

  Take some time and come to Mitime Spa in a nice and calming atmosphere, where you will find a perfect getaway for yourself. Our focus is on enhancing your natural beauty and wellness. The quality of our work and professional service is guaranteed by over a decade of experience.   We provide skin care treatments, pedicure, manicure, hair removal including electrolysis, massage, and other services, using highly professional products. Re-discover all the treasures of Marine Skincare by THALGO in our facial treatments. SWISS MED can help you to radically fight the aging process and GEHWALL , OPI and CND (Creative Nail Design) will look after your hands and feet.   We also provide house calls, so you can enjoy our services in the privacy of your own home.    Come join us for a soothing journey of body and soul.

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