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Kur Salon and Spa

260 Doon South Drive Unit 2, Kitchener, N2P 2L8

Sophisticated, visually alluring, thoroughly chic and modern yet at the same time comfortable and inviting. This is the appeal of Ku’r Salon and Spa on Doon South Drive in Kitchener and these sentiments have the total agreement of the judges from the Contessa awards who deemed Ku’r one of the top five designed spas in all of Canada. Ku’r Salon and Spa is also home to one of the more fashionable hair salons in the area. “We have incredible people working here. Their experience and innovation can help anyone, whether they want to come in for a simple touch up or a totally bold new style. Ku’r salon is also outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment available. The partners felt it was important to not only have a beautiful looking business but the most modern. “There are many innovations in spa treatments so we have made certain that our business is totally modern. The mission of Ku’r Salon and Spa is to provide a total experience for anyone who wishes to be pampered and soothed.

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