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Fame International Spa

300 John Street, Thornhill, L3T 5W4

"Our primary goal is to help you achieve beauty, relaxation and rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul" Fame International Day Spa and Hair Salon is committed to providing you with a friendly, yet relaxing environment. We offer you the best in professionalism, state of the art equipment and the very best in products and service. We invite you to come and meet our welcoming and experienced staff, who will do their best to meet your needs, answer all of your questions and surround you with warmth and hospitality. We are delighted to offer you the highest standard of care in everything we do—right from the care of our hair brushes and accessories to the disinfection of our manicure and pedicure tools and equipment. We pride ourselves on our exceptional standard for hygiene to ensure your health is safe guarded.

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