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Setsuko Massage & Spa Mobile

1078 Addington- Suite A, Montreal, H4A 3G4

  Setsu-ko means ‘touching energy’.  We believe that health and beauty go hand in hand.  It is one thing to look good, but outer beauty can be easily maintained by feeling good as well.  All of our services are based on the holistic model and we always use top quality, all natural products in our skin and body treatments.  Our esteticians, nail technicians and hair stylists work in conjunction with our massage therapists, energy workers and nutritionists, giving you a complete head to toe, inner/outer experience. Setsuko’s Massage & Spa team members specialize in their field and are passionate about what they do.  This reflects in the quality of services and can be felt in each and every treatment. We all know the importance of self care and time management, and enjoy being pampered... But how many of us take the time to receive? We want to make it easy for you, whether it is your pit stop after work, or on a quiet Sunday afternoon, in the comfort of your home. Another way to take advantage of our mobile services is to host a spa party for your friends and family.  Great for birthdays, showers, weddings, and events, book our team for special occasions or no occasion at all! Our corporate team offers ‘on-site’ services to small or large companies during lunch hour, or for conferences and parties.  What a great way to show appreciation for your staff, as well as increase team spirit and morale. Our clientele consists of all walks of life from age 0-100+, including students, professionals, homemakers, and seniors!  We offer a wide range of ‘head to toe’ services for individuals, couples, or groups, in a safe and comforting environment.  Client confidentiality and satisfaction guaranteed. Our studio is located in NDG, just off the Decarie Expressway.  We are easily accessible by bus and metro.  MOBILE service caters to the island of Montreal and nearby surroundings.  Please call for more information.

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