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Sole-istic Touch

1249 Schraeder St, London, N6K 4X6

My true passion is about healing your mind, body and spirit, by offering alternative methods.
Relaxation is my goal, from head to toe, and soul to sole

My journey into the health and wellness industry began in 2011.
I was blessed by discovering that I had a true passion for the holistic healing side of the health care industry.

I am proud to be a certified in reflexology, as well in aromatherapy massage, also the use of the jade stones within my hot stone massage & Indian Head Massage recently added Bellabaci Cupping Massage (can do full body massage as well facial massage).
I am a sole proprietor which means I work solo, therefore cannot do 2 clients as once.

All of my services are based on relaxation, removing stress, and toxins from your body.
Calming your mind body and spirit.

I Offer Gift Certificates from my own spa that will provide 10% off the price of any service when purchased with me in person. "the gift that keeps on giving" (door prizes, mothers day, fathers day, wedding, new baby, "Just because" Namaste
Foot Pain- please see website Pain relief is here for you
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