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En Vogue Day Spa & Gift Studio

2340 Cornwall Street, Regina, S4P 2L3

En Vogue Day Spa has received "Quality Assurance Approved" status, a national designation recognizing consistent safety and hygiene standards in the spa industry, offering reassurance and uncompromising quality for spa quests. To receive recognition as a "Quality Assurance Approved" spa, an on-site assessment is conducted, examining the spa's standards regarding sterilization of instruments, hygiene standards in treatment protocols, equipment and facility safety, cleanliness, proper safety and security procedures, staff certification and education, proper signage and customer service standards.  To ensure proper standards for the staff, human resource processes are examined as well, in addition to the spa's marketing materials being reviewed to confirm required information including cancellation and gratuity policies, rates and menu of services are clearly presented.  The assessments are conducted by specially trained third party evaluators to maintain the integrity of the program and culminate in a strict pass or fail result.  All of the criteria must be met or exceeded before the spa receives their QAA status.

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