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Centre Sante Sourire

5773 Bannantyne, Verdun, H4H 1H2

Centre Sante Sourire, a unique concept here in Montreal -- Dental Spa & Wellness Center At Centre Santé Sourire, a smile, it’s our passion! It is our goal. In understanding the harmful effects stress has on our patients, we were able to reunite all services and treatments necessary to optimize your smile and well-being. A smile has an incredibly powerful impact on our state-of-mind and general health. In knowing that a smile is one of the first expressions of the joy of living, Centre Santé Sourire has integrated in the rituals of dental care an aspect of joy and comfort by providing its patients with a range of treatments and services more complete and satisfying. Therefore, regardless of what obstacles you may be faced with, Centre Santé Sourire takes on the challenge of maximizing your smile. A person’s smile is affected not only by the appearance of their teeth, but also by their mental state-of-mind. The beauty of a smile is the brightness of health emanating from a person…’’If you smile through your fear and sorrow, smile and maybe tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shining through for you (Charlie Caplin)
SERVICES: Dentisterie générale/General Dentistry Dentisterie spécialisée/Specialized Dentistry Activité physique/Physical Activity Ostéopathie/Osteopathy Oxygénothérapie/Oxygen Therapy Esthétique/Aesthetic Médecine Esthétique/Medical Aesthetics Endermologie LPG/Endermology LPG Massothérapie/Massage Therapy

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