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Spa Revive Yaletown

878 Homer St, Vancouver, V6B 2W5

Spa Revive is an exclusive boutique spa, we offer our guests only the highest quality services where relaxation, revitalization, and serenity can be found.
All Spa Revive is staffed by a team of professional therapists, trained to the highest standards. We understand that to many people the concept of a day spa and spa treatments may be somewhat confusing and misunderstood. Our therapists will guide you through your whole experience; putting you at ease from the moment you step through the doorway, assisting you with your choice of treatments and going out of their way to make sure your time with us in nothing less than exceptional. They will also help you to understand the long-term benefits of spa treatments that are often overlooked. Ultimately, our therapists want you to have such a fantastic experience that you'll want to come back and visit us again.

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