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Avora Skin Spa

2600 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, L1L 0R1

Avora Skin Spa – full service Day Spa and Medical Spa in Coquitlam offering individualized, effective skin care and friendliness with the very latest in non-invasive Skin Rejuvenation and Hi-Tech Body Contouring and Anti-Cellulite Therapies. Beauty with Results. That’s the philosophy behind Avora Skin Spa. Avora Skin Spa employs a unique approach to treating and maintaining healthy skin. Our treatments are at the forefront of latest non-invasive technologies for skin rejuvenation and body contouring (LED light, “Needle-free” Meso-Esthetic, RF skin sculpturing and tightening, Advanced crystal-free Microdermabrasion) that are customized for individual skin needs thus offering proven results. Avora’s WAVE 6 Hi-Tech Body Contouring treatment combines 5 unique non-invasive and safe technologies in a single session! Photo-pneumatic massage, ultrasonic lipolysis, Collagen remodeling with bi-polar radio frequency and unique Meso-Esthetic “needle free” product delivery were carefully selected to address the different stages of cellulite. Truly spectacular results can be achieved when these technologies are combined. Fewer treatments, longer lasting results and overall client satisfaction are ensured. Avora Skin Spa is proud to be one of the first to introduce it for Greater Vancouver. Specially designed Avora’s Body programs (Cellu Stop, Perfect Curves, Detox &Drain) are ideal combinations of massages, body wraps with effectiveness of Wave 6 Hi-tech Body Contouring and meet the needs of unique body wishes. Imperium –  a novelty from Avora Skin Spa  – it’s a revolutionary treatment from Italy that combines uniquely gentle, non-invasive and the most effective crystal-free microdermabrasion, deep products penetration, RF skin tightening and sculpturing, precise non-invasive wrinkle filling. Only few treatments, carried out periodically, can ensure stable and durable results in a long term, even up to two years.  Avora’s holistic services are the refine collection of rituals and modalities from around the World –  Austrian Alps, Mediterranean, Morocco, Africa, and India. Just enjoy our Massage Voyages offering a deeply restoring experience for the body and soul as one enjoys a mystical journey to the land of red sand and turquoise sea.

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