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127 Church Street, North York, M5M 2L3

Fountain Of Youth Canada is set within a beautiful 100 year old building that has been transformed into the most peaceful, elegant spa.  It offers a full range of services from facials and massages, to body sculpting, non-surgical face lifts and everything in between....there's something for everyone. The wonderful staff of Fountain Of Youth Canada will make you feel like you're the only one that exists for the time you are in their care.  You'll feel relaxed and pampered throughout your visit. Offering a number of services that will make you look and feel younger, the Fountain of Youth Canada spa is unique and must be experienced.  It's more than a typical spa.... it's a place you'll want to be, a place you'll want to go to unwind and leave your stress behind. We are the first and only in Canada to offer Paphos Oleo Dispersed Microderm Abrasion and Skin Resurfacing system.  It is all natural without artificial preservatives or fragrances.  The only combined microdermabrasion and acid peel in one treatment. You can only get it here!   Introducing a new safe and effective way to increase bust size without surgery.  No need to spend thousands of dollars any longer.  visit website for more details... Losing your hair?  We've searched out and found the lastest product that is safe and effective and WON'T cost you thousands of dollars.  New to Canada and found exclusively at the Fountain of youth Canada.  See how you can stop your hair from falling and grow a full head of hair.   It's guaranteed to work.  Visit website for more details... Visit the web site to take a virtual tour and see it for yourself.

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